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2009 Toyota Prius newly designed, nice.

Picture of the new redesigned 2009 Toyota Prius

Most people either love the look of the current Prius or they donít. Either way, the new 2009 Prius redesign will make the lovers fall deeper in love and make the haters do a double take. The body is a bit sleeker and looks even more aerodynamic than the current model year Prius. The Ď09 version of the Toyota Prius hybrid is said to deliver both better fuel economy and more power. The engine size increases to 1.8 liters. Toyota even did some work on their state of the art Hybrid Synergy drive. Future options may include solar panels on the roof to charge when parked, and of course the very hyped plug-in version. The body will be all-new, growing 1 in. wider, and getting 1 in. shorter in overall length.

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